Heal the effects of trauma with 10-minute neuroplasticity therapies

Rewire Therapy combines 8+ proven healing modalities into 10-minute guided therapies to help release trauma from the body and gently bring the nervous system back to emotional equilibrium in weeks.

Trauma Doesn’t Just Affect The Mind. It Disregulates The Body And Nervous System As Well.

However, many mainstream therapists are unsure how to work with trauma on a somatic and neurolimbic level. This is why Rewire Therapy bridges this gap by integrating over 8 proven somatic therapies into expert-guided programs and therapeutic exercises.

Rewire Therapy helps the easily triggered and traumatized nervous system

According to Dr. Levine, leftover trauma is stored in the body’s ‘tissue memory’ response.

While this biological response would have saved us thousands of years ago from predators in the wild, today it leaves us with debilitating symptoms such as panic attacks, migraines, nightmares, pelvic pain, tense body parts, numbness, high blood pressure and addiction.

Return to inner balance, attunement and safety with short body-centered therapies.

According to leading experts, the key to healing is to reconnect with the body’s sensations. This is why many movement and body-centered therapies are emerging as more effective and trauma-informed modalities than talk therapy alone, such as somatic experiencing, art therapy, drama therapy, trauma-informed yoga, and Qigong.

Rewire Therapy offers the best of all modalities by combining the most researched body-centered therapies into short, reparative neuroplasticity exercises that can be done in-session or from the comfort of your home.

Return to inner balance, attunement and safety with short body-centered therapies.

According to leading experts, the key to healing is to reconnect with the body’s sensations. This is why many movement and body-centered therapies are emerging as more effective and trauma-informed modalities than talk therapy alone, such as somatic experiencing, art therapy, drama therapy, trauma-informed yoga, and Qigong.

Rewire Therapy offers the best of all modalities by combining the most researched body-centered therapies into short, reparative neuroplasticity exercises that can be done in-session or from the comfort of your home.


Somatic Experiencing

to repair the emotional state after a trigger response


Embodied Attunement

to restore chemical homeostasis in the nervous system.


​Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

to reframe limiting beliefs.


Dance And Movement Therapies

to ​reset the nervous system.


Energy Work

to ​reestablish self-healing mechanisms.


Qigong and breathwork

to gently heal the bridge connecting brain & body: the Vagus nerve


Music, Art, Drama And Expressive Therapy

to ​rejuvenate the brain, body and nervous system.


Trauma-sensitive Yoga And Mindfulness

to rekindle wholeness and connection with the mind-body-breath.

Thousands Of Therapists And Clients Use Rewire Therapy

"I was super-skeptical if this would work for me because I had literally tried everything and nothing was helping my PTSD... A week into the course and I already feel a huge difference."
Emily R, New York
"I bought a course on trauma healing from MindValley but totally didn't relate to the teacher or the content. Listening to female experts who have been there really makes all the difference. Thank you so much :-)."
Jessica L, Toronto
"I think the weirdest difference I noticed was that when I was practicing the exercises in Week 1... I began to feel my feet again. I realized I had dissociated from my feet for so long."
Jason R, Los Angeles
"I've been trying to heal my PTSD for years. It always felt like I took 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I just purchased this course and it's already paid for itself. The information in week 1 alone was more helpful than anything else I've done."
Marie G, Quebec

Explore Current Offerings

  • 1,009+ members enrolled

Healing Chronic Fear

Release deep-rooted fear from the body so it can experience a state of calm and embodiment

  • 2,112+ members enrolled

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Safely integrate reparative trauma-informed yoga postures to facilitate 'tissue memory' release

  • 992+ members enrolled

Vagal Toning

Integrating Dr. Porges’s Polyvagal Theory into 10-minute therapies that gently tone the vagus nerve after trauma

Here's What You Get When You Join Healing Chornic Fear Today:

  • Day
    Releasing Fear From The Back And Shoulders

    Explore how fear comes up in the back and shoulders using a somatic experiencing exercise, yoga posture and a drama therapy technique.

  • Day
    Releasing Fear From The Pelvis

    Untangle fear in the pelvic region using a somatic experience technique and a trembling exercise.

  • Day
    Embodying The Power Of Fire

    Explore the element of fire to create a sense of safety drawing inspiration from somatic experiencing and drama therapy.

  • Day
    Embodying The Power Of The Earth

    Explore the element of earth and how we can create a stronger connection with the power of the element of earth in our bodies.

  • Day
    Embodying The Power Of Wind

    Explore inspirations of movement and self-hypnosis to help dissipate fear and create a sense of safety.

  • Day
    Embodying The Power Of Water

    Explore what the element of water how we can offer its powers to our bodies.

  • Day
    Transforming Into Our Best Selves

    Transform heavy sensations, heavy emotions, sadness and chronic grief by using techniques inspired by drama therapy, NLP and hypnosis.

  • Day
    Addressing Fear We Cannot Identify

    Explore what it means to help our bodies feel safe. This exercise will help us address overall chronic fear, feelings of not feeling safe and not being able to calm down.

  • Day
    Healing From Paranoia

    Heal from paranoia using NLP, drama therapy and hypnosis.

  • Day
    Full Body Fear Release Technique

    Explore full body fear release through a trembling technique. This exercise will help release fear from the tissues and move out of the freeze response.

  • Day
    Healing The Fear Of Not Being Loved

    Heal the fear of not being loved with NLP, drama therapy and hypnosis.

  • Day
    Releasing Fear Stored In The Throat

    Releasing fear in the neck through neuroplasticity and positive associations.

  • Day
    Releasing Fear From The Voice

    Explore the sense of fear that comes up in our voices. This exercise teaches us how to use our voice again after trauma.

  • Day
    Releasing Fear From The Face

    Finish off facial expressions in order to release trauma in the tissues through somatic experiencing.

  • Day
    Expelling Fear Through Authentic Movement

    Release the lingering trauma sensations and hormones from the body through authentic movement.

  • Day
    Exploring The Fear Of Failure

    Releasing the fear of failure through NLP, hypnosis, and drama therapy.

  • Day
    Moving Out Of The Flight Fight Response

    Training the system to get out of the flight fight response through QiGong.

  • Day
    Restoring Power And Self-Agency In The Legs

    Learn how to move out of the flight mode and how to feel power and self-agency in our legs after surviving trauma or chronic emotional stress.

  • Day
    Power Building Exercise Through Self-Defense

    Explore strength and power in our arms in order to repair feelings of fear that we’re not able to protect ourselves or failed ourselves in difficult situations.

  • Day
    Eliminating Negative Predictions

    Eliminating the fear that causes negative predictions. Often when we go through trauma or chronic stress, we lose faith in ourselves, others and the universe which causes us to make negative predictions.

  • Day
    Creating Feelings Of Safety And Security

    Creating experiences of safety and security within our nervous system for times when we don’t feel grounded or when we feel triggered.

  • Day
    Exploring Safety Through Trust

    Trusting ourselves and laying the groundwork to have trust in others through neuroplasticity.

  • Day
    Overcoming Nightmares

    Explore healing from nightmares. Nightmares result from having a really triggered nervous system and from living in fear and fear lingering in the body.

  • Day
    Exploring Sounds And Hearing

    Explore hearing and sounds and how to heal from hearing sensitivity and feeling triggered around certain sounds and loud noises.

  • Day
    Exploring Coregulation

    Explore a co-regulation exercise using touch and eye contact with someone we trust. This exercise can help us establish a sense of safety and trust and move away from feeling fearful.

  • Day
    Exploring Eyesight

    Explore healing from PTSD using eye contact. This exercise helps calm the nervous system and to tone the vagus nerve when we are not in a state of overdrive.

  • Day
    Working With Fear In The Mouth

    Explore healing the mouth area by releasing fear and trauma surrounding the mouth.

  • Day
    Exploring Sculptures

    Explore boundaries, move away from fear and move towards power through drama therapy and sculptures.

  • Day
    Releasing Unprocessed Feelings

    Explore techniques from drama therapy, movement, and sound in order to help the body release any unprocessed feelings of disempowerment, loss and unfinished experiences.

  • Day
    Shifting Into Power Posture

    Explore going from a fearful stand or posture shifting into a powerful stand and posture. This exercise is inspired by movement and somatic experiencing.

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Tanya Zajdel, RN



Amy Baker, PhD

Developmental Psychology


Chaya Notik

Pelvic floor


Tina Lashambe

Advanced Yoga Teacher

Grief Educator

Paula Kingwill



Keara Mangham

Somatic Experiencing


Mjon van Oers


on narcissism

Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.

family mediator, lawyer

and therapist

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Hakomi Somatic AND CRANIOSACRAL PsychotherapisT

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I get access to the program?

    By signing up for the program on this page, you receive lifetime access to the program and all future modules which are added regularly.

  • Are the educators in this program licensed to guide me?

    Yes, each speaker has gone through training, experience and education in their respective fields to give you accurate, concise and helpful skills for you to incorporate in your everyday life.

  • Does this course replace going to my therapist’s office?

    No. If you are looking for a therapist, then in this program you have the opportunity to book one-on-one therapy with one of our professionals who is an expert at helping people heal from complex trauma and PTSD using the methods taught in this course. It is best to choose support that feels most comfortable for you. It is also best to get the help you need outside of this course too by seeking professional help from a licensed mental health practitioner.

  • If I am not traumatized by any one experience but I’m looking to improve my overall mood and mental health, is this course still for me?

    Yes, this course provides lifelong skills to improve your emotional wellbeing regardless if you have been through many small stressors or one traumatic event.

  • Can I use this course to support my loved one who struggles with mental health?

    Yes, as long as the skills you learn in this course will be applied in addition to seeking professional help for your family member as well.

  • Is it better to combine various therapy techniques (as suggested in your program) to heal from my trauma, or is it better to stick with just one form of therapy?

    Most mental health professionals encourage their clients to combine emotional healing techniques from various therapeutic disciplines so long as they make you feel calmer and more mentally and emotionally balanced.