Equip Your Clients With 100+ Somatic Trauma Healing Exercises

Trauma-affected clients may still be in fight, flight, freeze, or fawn mode, which can make it difficult for them to process and regulate their emotions.

According to trauma experts, somatic therapies can support you or your clients in regulating the nervous system and healing from trauma.

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Join this expert-curated Rewire Therapy Provider Program with a growing library of over 100 trauma healing therapy exercises that can help:

  • Expand your trauma healing toolkit with 100+ somatic, movement-centred, and expressive therapy exercises
  • Soothe the nervous system and relieve chronic fear, worry, and anxiety with Vagal Toning Practices
  • Restore sleep and inner safety with Somatic Therapy Exercises
  • Safely access and reprocess subconscious trauma memory with Hypnotherapy
  • Deeply validate and release feelings of fear, loss, shame, and anger with Movement and Dance Therapy
  • Reclaim inner safety and self-trust in our body with Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • Ground the nervous system and body into the present with Art Therapy
  • Relieve and reduce triggers from affecting the body with Qigong
  • Harness the healing powers of food with Trauma-Informed Nutrition
  • Rediscover curiosity, playfulness and creativity with Dramatherapy
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60+ Somatic Techniques for healing trauma

30,000+ enrolled in our programs

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60+ Somatic Techniques

for healing trauma

30,000+ enrolled

in our programs


money-back guarantee

Every purchase

supports a survivor of abuse

The burden of anxiety and fear can often leave clients feeling exhausted and helpless – especially when their nervous system has been affected by trauma.

This is because trauma can cause the nervous system to operate from a state of fear and anxiety even years after the threat has passed.

Trauma expert, van der Kolk (2004), states that damage to a trauma survivor’s filtering systems in the nervous system results in difficulties distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant stimuli that overwhelm a survivor’s coping mechanisms. This can cause a breakdown in the homeostatic self-regulating systems, and can result in nervous system dysregulation (van der Kolk, 2004).

Nervous system dysregulation can cause a neuronal change, changes to the HPA axis, and hormonal level alterations which contribute to stress response, arousal regulation, and immune system functioning (van der Kolk, 2004)—foregrounding the significance of finding ways to release trauma stored in the body.

Talk therapy cannot always release the trauma stored in the body.

Broca’s area in the brain - responsible for speech production - tends to shut down upon verbal recall of traumatic memories (van der Kolk, 2014).

According to Dr. Peter Levine, verbal forms of therapy can often be re-traumatizing for survivors when the central nervous system is still in “fight/flight/freeze” and hasn’t yet fully processed the traumatic event(s).

Thankfully, according to experts Dr. Levine and Dr. Maté, there are ways to rewire this trauma response by working directly with the nervous system through somatic therapeutic exercises.

Our intention at Rewire Therapy is to offer some of the most effective somatic modalities to therapists and trauma survivors through unlimited access to our online platform.

You can equip yourself and your clients with safe and effective practical exercises to release trauma with the support and guidance of several experts.

We have categorized our exercises based on emotion and sensation – such as grief, numbness, anxiety, fear, stress, anger, shame, dissociation, and apathy – for you as a therapist to identify the particular techniques that are most relevant to you or your clients.

These techniques can help to:

  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of triggers
  • Calm the nervous system in or after sessions
  • Restore boundaries after sexual trauma
  • Heal chronic fear and anxiety
  • Heal after a toxic relationship
  • Restore the gut-brain axis to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Improve self-confidence and bodily awareness
  • Rediscover inner strength
  • Release tension and trauma from the mind and body- the self 

Every month, we regularly create new content by adding theory modules and expert-guided follow-along exercises to our online platform.

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Meaningful Feedback

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“For the first time ever, I feel like I understand what's happening in my body.”


Andrea, USA
"I was super-skeptical if this would work for me because I had literally tried everything and nothing was helping my PTSD... A week into the course and I already feel a huge difference."

Emily R, New York
"I bought a course on trauma healing from MindValley but totally didn't relate to the teacher or the content. Listening to female experts who have been there really makes all the difference. Thank you so much :-)."
Jessica L, Toronto
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"I've learned to truly listen to my body once again. This course has been a true gift."

Jenna, Survivor, USA
"I think the weirdest difference I noticed was that when I was practicing the exercises in Week 1... I began to feel my feet again. I realized I had dissociated from my feet for so long."
Jason R, Los Angeles
"I've been trying to heal my PTSD for years. It always felt like I took 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I just purchased this course and it's already paid for itself. The information in week 1 alone was more helpful than anything else I've done."


Marie G, Quebec
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"I was in a good place anyway. But this is the missing puzzle piece that I needed." 

Robert E, Portugal

Register Here For $1200 Per Year

You’ll be able to immediately access all expert-guided Rewire Therapy programs and 100+ trauma healing exercises with your clients.

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Register Here For $1200 Per Year

You’ll be able to immediately access all expert-guided Rewire Therapy programs and 100+ trauma healing exercises with your clients.

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