10-Minute Somatic Techniques To Gently Rewire A Dysregulated Nervous System

Trauma is beyond words. Talk therapy alone, often isn’t enough to heal from the past. According to trauma experts, healing the nervous system begins with somatic movement therapies.

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Join the expertly curated Rewire Your Nervous System Program with over 30,000 therapists and clients practicing 10-minute guided, body-based therapies to help: 

  • Soothe the nervous system and relieve chronic fear, worry and anxiety with Vagal Toning Practices
  •  Restore sleep and inner safety with Somatic Therapy 
  •  Safely access and reprocess subconscious trauma memory with Hypnotherapy
  • Deeply validate and release feelings of fear, loss, shame, and anger with Movement and Dance Therapy 
  • Reclaim inner safety and self-trust in our body with Trauma Informed Yoga
  • Guide the nervous system stuck in the past back into the present moment with Art Therapy
  • Relieve and reduce triggers from affecting the body with Qigong
  • Rediscover curiosity, playfulness, and creativity with Dramatherapy 


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30,000+ enrolled 

in our programs


money-back guarantee

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supports a survivor of abuse

Talk therapy doesn't always work - especially when the nervous system is still affected by trauma.

According to Dr. Peter Levine, our nervous system learns to hold on to trauma as a survival mechanism. That is why we often feel anxious and on guard, as our nervous system anticipates another traumatic event, which can lead to symptoms of PTSD (Levine, 2010).

That is why we often feel anxious and on guard, as our nervous system anticipates another traumatic event, which can lead to symptoms of PTSD (Levine, 2010).

Some of these symptoms can include:

  • Panic attacks
  • Migraines
  • Nightmares
  • ​Pelvic pain
  • Tense or tingling body parts
  • Numbness
  • High blood pressure
  • Difficulty in forming healthy attachments

When survivors living in this trauma-affected state are asked to recall the trauma, Broca’s area in the brain - responsible for speech production - tends to shut down (van der Kolk, 2014).

According to Dr. Peter Levine, verbal forms of therapy can risk re-traumatization for survivors when the autonomic nervous system has not yet had the chance to regulate.

How can we heal trauma when talking isn’t enough?


According to leading trauma expert Dr. Stephen Porges, a key way to heal trauma is through strengthening the vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve is the dominant nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system, which runs from the brainstem throughout the body:

This is why if our vagus nerve is weak, it is harder for us to regulate our emotions (Breit et al., 2018; Porges et al., 1994).

Contrarily, a strong vagus nerve is associated with emotional stability and resilience (Porges et al., 1994).

How can we tone the vagus nerve safely and gently?

With the consultation of our top experts in Polyvagal Theory and somatic therapies, Rewire Therapy has assembled expert-approved vagal toning techniques and exercises that can help you to safely and gently calm the overwhelmed nervous system to help reduce the frequency and intensity of triggers.

These techniques include:

  • Self-touch
  • The softening of the muscles in the face
  • Breathwork
  • Trauma-informed yoga
  • Humming, tapping, and gargling
  • Meditation

These techniques intend to help us shift from a state of hyperarousal to a relaxed state, as it is in these mindful, peaceful states, that we can best begin our process of healing.

This program gently guides one through:

  • Daily expert-curated exercises to slowly release trauma from the body
  • Our top-rated theory modules from polyvagal and somatic therapy experts that explain the science behind and the benefits of these exercises

10-Minute Somatic Techniques To Gently Rewire A Dysregulated Nervous System

Therapy shouldn't break the bank

Rewire allows you to heal your nervous system for the cost of 1 to 2 therapy sessions.

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Practice your Rewire therapies anytime, anywhere starting with 10 minutes per technique.

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Technique 1: Nurturing Touch For Emotional Regulation And Vagus Reset

This practice is focused on strengthening our vagus nerve through self-touch. This exercise focuses on working with the deeper places of trauma within the body.

Technique 2: Healing Dissociation

Find groundedness through the Qigong practices of ‘soothing chi’ and ‘ocean breathing’. Using breath, intention, and movement, instill feelings of awareness and safety.

Technique 3:  Acknowledge Your Grief

Recognize the grief that is stored in your body by permitting yourself to slow down and attune to your feelings with this DMT movement exploration.

Technique 4: Orienting

Orienting is one of the building blocks to healing unresolved trauma. In this exercise, you will learn how to feel into your environment in ways that can help you to feel safe and present.

Technique 5: Harnessing Resiliency With Watercolor

Explore an art therapy technique to help establish a sense of resiliency. In this exercise, the art serves as a safe vessel to explore thoughts and feelings around harnessing resilience and strength. 

Technique 6: Trauma-Informed Yoga To Reset Boundaries

Often when we feel our boundaries have been crossed, we feel it within our core. Reset your boundaries by strengthening your core through trauma-informed yoga and words of affirmation.

Technique 7: Power, Self-Agency, And Choice

Explore sculpture and distance techniques inspired by drama therapy to help restore sensations of power, self-agency, and choice within the body.

Bonus Techniques

  • Bonus Technique 1: Worthiness And Gratitude
  • Bonus Technique 2: Restoring Dignity and Pride 
  • Bonus Technique 3: Ujjayi Breathing for Anxiety

Expand Your Trauma Toolbox With Three Expert-Guided Modules, Included In Your Program Today

Theory Module 1: Introduction to Trauma Healing With Tanya Zajdel (16-min)

  • What trauma is, and how does it affect us. 
  • How different factors influence the outcome and prognosis of trauma. 

Theory Module 2: How The Body Reacts In A Traumatic Event With Tanya Zajdel (22-min)

  • The different parts of the brain and their functions. 
  • How various brain functions respond to a traumatic event. 
  • The risk and protective factors for developing PTSD. 

Theory Module 3: Techniques To Heal From Trauma With Tanya Zajdel (16-min)

  • How to calm the body using the vagus nerve.
  • Different techniques to release trauma from the body.
  • How to restore rhythm and self-agency.

All Rewire Therapy Programs Come With:

  • A private support community

  • Lifetime access to the program and all future updates

  • Technical support via email and Facebook messenger

  • Start at any time at your own pace

  • A 72-hour money-back guarantee

  • A 30-day program exchange policy

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Thousands Of Healing Transformations With Rewire Therapy

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“For the first time ever, I feel like I understand what's happening in my body.” 


Andrea, USA
"I was super-skeptical if this would work for me because I had literally tried everything and nothing was helping my PTSD... A week into the course and I already feel a huge difference."

Emily R, New York
"I bought a course on trauma healing from MindValley but totally didn't relate to the teacher or the content. Listening to female experts who have been there really makes all the difference. Thank you so much :-)."
Jessica L, Toronto
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"I've learned to truly listen to my body once again. This course has been a true gift."

Jenna, Survivor, USA
"I think the weirdest difference I noticed was that when I was practicing the exercises in Week 1... I began to feel my feet again. I realized I had dissociated from my feet for so long."
Jason R, Los Angeles
"I've been trying to heal my PTSD for years. It always felt like I took 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I just purchased this course and it's already paid for itself. The information in week 1 alone was more helpful than anything else I've done."
Marie G, Quebec
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I was in a good place anyway. But this is the missing puzzle piece that I needed.”
Robert E, Portugal

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Meet The Experts

Tanya Zajdel

Tanya’s work with trauma healing and survivorship has been featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, CBC News, Vox Tablet and Iheart Radio.

Tanya is a mental health worker, a women’s health nurse, and a published feminist author. Tanya focuses primarily on creating programs that facilitate trauma healing through creating new neural connections in the brain called 'neuroplasticity exercises'.

Her techniques combine various proven therapies to repair and reset the nervous system after trauma including somatic therapy, yoga, drama therapy, dance therapy, CBT, qigong, EMDR, vagal toning, authentic movement, and a combination of expressive, creative art therapies.

Rebecca Love

Rebecca is an NYC-based therapist and visiting professor at Pratt Institute.

Her practice, Holistically Whole Creative Arts Psychotherapy, provides support for clients recovering from trauma, mood disorders, and well as the BIPOC community.

Ilene Smith

Ilene Smith is a Somatic Experiencing ™ Practitioner (SEP) whose work helps clients resolve trauma and develop a deeper sense of personal safety and capacity for resilience and joy.

She is the author of Moving Beyond Trauma: The Roadmap to Healing from Your Past and Living with Ease and Vitality, an Amazon Bestseller, and her writing on psychology and wellness has appeared on Spirituality and Health, PsychCentral, and Brooke Burke’s ModernMom. Ilene holds master’s degrees in Mental Health Counseling and Exercise Physiology.

Ilene makes her home in Arizona and loves to travel, collect art, cycle, and practice yoga in her spare time.

Dierdre O Connor

As a trauma-informed somatic therapist, counselor, and movement therapist I have always had a keen interest in how our bodies reflect and somatize our thoughts and feelings.

This fascination and exploration have spanned almost three decades, over 3,000 hours of training, and working with thousands of students and clients in this field.

As a body-based therapist, I embraced Craniosacral Therapy and Hakomi Mindfulness Psychotherapy as ways of working with our earliest emotional wounds.

I’ve trained in the NeouroAffective Polyvagal Trauma- Informed work of Dr. Aline LaPierre which works through attuned touch, presence, and somatic dialogue to meet those places in us that can continue to hold trauma in the muscular bracing patterns of anxiety and long-term stress.

Tina Lashambe

I am an Advanced Yoga Teacher and Grief Educator.

I found yoga while suffering from multiple chronic health issues and an eating disorder. My personal yoga practice has allowed me to grow in many ways. It has given me a sense of peace during stressful times and has taught me how to accept my body. It has taught me patience while experiencing pain and has inspired me to offer compassionate, body-positive yoga, where people of all capabilities and all shapes feel comfortable to practice.

I completed my 200-hour Cross-Disciplinary Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 with DevaTree School of Yoga. Since then, I have taught a wide range of students, from toddlers to seniors, and all ranges of abilities.

I completed the End of Life Doula training in 2020 and the Grief Educator Certification program with David Kessler (Grief.com) in 2021.

Stephanie Lafazanos

Stephanie Lafazanos is a Certified Medical Intuitive, Integrative Somatic Trauma & Holistic Practitioner, Tantra and Intimacy Instructor/ Trainer and Coach at Wildly Woman.

She helps women and couples who struggle with intimacy in relationships, gain the skills and self-healing needed so they can create more passionate and supportive loving connections.

Skilled in Integrative Somatic Trauma therapies, Tao Tantra, Qigong, Energy medicine and Intimacy coaching, Stephanie helps others move past trauma and transform mental, emotional and physical blockages to relationship success, sexual and spiritual wholeness.

Trudy Kim (ATR-BC, LPC, NCC)

Trudy has been a board-certified art therapist (ATR-BC) since 2005 and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Virginia since 2007. She has also been a board-certified counselor (NCC) through the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) since 2008.

In 2020, Trudy became a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP), applying neuropsychologically-informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat anxiety, panic, and worry. And in 2021, she become a Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator (TCTSY-F), adapting evidence-based, body-based yoga forms to assist those with chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD.

Lai Tattis

Lai Tattis is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner and Life Coach who helps people reprogram their minds to create positive changes and transform their lives.

Using Psychotherapy, Hypnosis and NLP Lai provides her clients with tools and techniques that use the power of the unconscious mind to break habits, addictions, clear negative influences, negative emotions and beliefs to heal from trauma and early adopted programming - to find peace, clarity and happiness and live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

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Try Rewire Therapy risk-free to see if it’s right for your nervous system. You will be redirected to a secure order page where you will receive immediate access to your program.

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