Online Somatic And Body-Based Trauma Healing Programs

Vagal Toning Program

Inspired By Polyvagal Theory by Dr. Stephen Porges, heal with 10-minute guided therapies to gently tone the vagus nerve after trauma.


Somatic Therapies For Trauma

Tune into your body, develop your somatic awareness, and find a sense of groundedness.


Nutrition For Trauma

Discover practical nutrition techniques to help to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress after trauma.


The Rewire Therapy Program

Combine multiple researched-backed healing modalities into short guided neuroplasticity therapies to help release trauma from the body.


Healing Chronic FearĀ 

10-minute-a-day therapies to release deep-rooted fear, anxiety, and trauma from the body.


Qigong For Sexual Trauma

Discover a new science-backed way to integrate the ancient Chinese wisdom of Qigong to heal after sexual trauma and restore your boundaries.


Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program

Safely break free and heal from trauma bonding alongside leading experts in narcissistic abuse recovery.


Healing Trauma Through Sleep Program

Discover the bidirectional relationship between trauma and sleep and how addressing this relationship can help improve overall well-being.


Hypnotherapy Treatment Program

Find your inner strength and wisdom using cutting-edge hypnotherapy techniques. 


Drama Therapy for Trauma

Strengthen your boundaries, map your priorities, and cultivate agency with drama therapy techniques.


Healing Trauma Through Movement & Dance Therapy 

Discover the potential of expressive movement and dance as powerful supportive practices for healing.


Healing Trauma-Based Eating Disorders

Explore the broad spectrum of dysregulated eating behaviors and uncover the complex relationship between food, trauma, and the body.

Expressive Arts For Trauma Healing

Utilize expressive art to create a safe environment for self-exploration to help release thoughts and emotions associated with trauma.

Healing Trauma With Qigong

Draw from trauma-healing Qigong practices to gently ease trauma symptoms and restore a sense of safety in the body.

Trauma Therapy Program

This program will introduce you to a variety of body-based trauma healing therapies organized into 10-minute-a-day expert-guided therapeutic exercises to soothe and regulate the nervous system.


Trauma Healing Roadmap

Enhance your trauma-healing journey by utilizing a variety of research-backed somatic therapies to rekindle a deeper, safer, and healed relationship with yourself after trauma.

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Safely integrate reparative trauma-informed yoga postures to facilitate 'tissue memory' release.


Healing from Sexual Abuse and Reproductive Trauma

This healing program draws on embodiment, and expressive exercises to return us to our empowered selves. 


Healing From Trauma-Based Addiction

Empower yourself or others on the addiction recovery path through trauma-informed knowledge, different perspectives, and expert-guided therapeutic exercises to rekindle self-insight, connection, and self-compassion.


Healing Trauma Through Sound And Music

Discover how to utilize sound, music, and vibrations to connect with your nervous system to help alleviate trauma symptoms.


Psychedelic-Assisted Trauma Therapy 

Reframe your understanding of psychedelics as therapeutic tools alongside experts who unpack the research, history, and applications of PAT.

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