Release Trauma and Feel Safe Again by Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind

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If that intense fear from the past is still controlling your present, you are likely to be struggling with PTSD.

That’s why this workshop by Rewire Therapy will show you how to safely and effectively soothe a trauma-affected nervous system with powerful Hypnotherapy, that liberates you from feelings of fear, guilt, and shame, using a few short exercises.

In these sessions, you will be under the guidance of Lai Tattis, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, to help you reprogram your mind and create positive changes that transform lives.

You will complete this workshop with tools and techniques that use the power of the unconscious mind to break habits, addictions, clear negative influences, negative emotions, and beliefs to heal from trauma and early adopted programming.

Finally, you’ll get access to a private support group with like-minded people who have experienced trauma, where you can ask questions and get live support from our Rewire therapist who hosts group sessions almost every day.

As with all Rewire Therapy programs, you’ll get lifetime access including all future updates immediately after purchase when you sign up today.


That accident…, that close-call…, that traumatic relationship…, or that which you are not yet ready to share.

Each one of your experiences is valid. But the question is who can you become when liberated from the suffocating grasp of trauma?

Studies show, that after a traumatic event, individuals tend to live in a state of dissociation, as the memories can feel too painful to acknowledge or tap into.

Hypnosis can help you create a powerful and long-lasting shift out of a place of dissociation from the event, towards a space of acknowledgment of the event or memory, restoring a sense of connection to the self¹.

If you are experiencing flashbacks, you are already used to using your imagination to project negative ideas or beliefs from the past into the future.

This can make you a good candidate for hypnotherapy as hypnosis involves getting the individual to draw on their imagination to envision the future more positively².

If you’re a therapist or a trauma-informed care worker, this workshop will be a powerful addition to your toolbox so you can confidently work with your patients affected by post-traumatic stress.


Experts in trauma treatment like Maggie Phillips, Gabor Matè, and Peter Levine agree that Hypnotherapy can be an extremely helpful trauma treatment tool.


What’s more- traditional talk therapy can be retraumatizing for survivors when the nervous system is still overwhelmed³.

This is because the amygdala, as the deepest part of the limbic system, is responsible for regulating our fear memories.

This ability of our brain is critical for our survival against threats, but talk therapy can sometimes re-trigger a sense of fear among survivors, but it also can make them relive our traumatic experiences⁴.

However, if left unaddressed, these fear memories often lead to the debilitating symptoms of PTSD, like:

  • Panic attacks
  • ​Migraines
  • ​Nightmares
  • ​Chronic pain
  • ​Emotional numbness
  • ​Emotional instability

A survivor of trauma recognizes these issues intimately and spends each day up against their own history.

This constant struggle is why many survivors end up reliving negative cycles in their lives, such as disempowering and toxic relationship dynamics.


Thankfully Hypnotherapy will safely increase your awareness to focus on your thoughts, memories, and beliefs through guided suggestion.


You will learn to how safely access the deep parts of the unconscious mind.


Hypnotherapy’s goal is to move you into a trance-like state being more open to suggestions about using your inner resources and moving in a more positive direction.

Scientific Aspects of Releasing Trauma From The Body using Hypnosis:

According to the research done by Ponniah & Hollon in 2009, traumatic memories often keep us in the past as we tend to hold onto the fear of them in the present day. In a trance-like state, achieved through hypnosis, an individual is more suggestible and open to accessing these memories and emotions to release them⁵.

Scientific studies also show that hypnosis offers clients the space and ability to go back to the event in their minds to act differently or do what they were unable to do when they first experienced the trauma. This offers individuals the ability to move out of the freeze response to process and let go of debilitating emotions⁶.

Determined to make this information available for both therapists, their clients, and survivors around the world, we joined forces with Lai Tattis, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, to access the subconscious mind after trauma with practical routines you can do from the comfort of your home and within minutes a day.


Introducing Hypnotherapy for Trauma Treatment, for survivors of trauma and MH practitioners.



Learn to safely and effectively access the subconscious mind with Hypnotherapy, which integrates positive suggestions to aid recovery from trauma and PTSD.

Day 1: Anchoring Positive States

Learn to let go of uncomfortable or unproductive emotions attached to a past trauma. This session uses different senses or submodalities to release the unwanted emotion and use the space it creates to anchor yourself in a positive state.

Day 2: Inner Strength And Wisdom

Enhance your confidence by allowing the language of the unconscious mind to open up and reveal your truth. This technique uses the power of visualization to go on a mental journey and explore all the untapped hidden potential and wisdom within us.

Day 3: Healing Light

Sync into a healing pattern and access rejuvenating deep sleep. This session uses your subconscious mind to optimize your immune system by relaxing your body and calming your mind.

Day 4: Mindful Eating To Nourish The Body

Practice mindful eating to help calm your physical and emotional body and speed up the recovery from trauma. This technique will strengthen your relationship with healthy food so that it becomes your natural choice for nourishment.

Day 5: Worthiness And Gratitude

Discover solutions to feeling ungrateful and unworthy by tapping into your unconscious mind to take stock of your blessings and build your sense of worth and inner strength.

Day 6: Releasing Thoughts

Learn to dislodge obsessive thoughts that can manifest in the body. This session uses the tool of visualization to release harmful thoughts.

Day 7: Healing The Body From Trapped Memories And Emotions

Shift triggering bodily memories by using a breathing exercise to calm the nervous system, helping to heal and restore your body.

Theory Modules:

Theory Module 1: Introduction to Hypnotherapy With Lai Tattis (34-min)

  • What is Hypnosis?
  • The fundamentals of Hypnosis
  • Why is trance effective?
  • What are Brain Waves?

Theory Module 2: The Effectiveness and Experience of Hypnosis With Lai Tattis (30-min)

  • When is Hypnosis effective?
  • When is Hypnosis NOT effective?
  • Myths about Hypnosis
  • The experience of Hypnosis

Theory Module 3: Hypnosis for Trauma (19-min)

  • Hypnosis techniques for trauma treatment

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Thousands Of Healing Transformations With Rewire Therapy

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“For the first time ever, I feel like I understand what's happening in my body.”
Andrea, USA
"I was super-skeptical if this would work for me because I had literally tried everything and nothing was helping my PTSD... A week into the course and I already feel a huge difference."

Emily R, New York
"I bought a course on trauma healing from MindValley but totally didn't relate to the teacher or the content. Listening to female experts who have been there really makes all the difference. Thank you so much :-)."
Jessica L, Toronto
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"I've learned to truly listen to my body once again. This course has been a true gift."

Jenna, Survivor, USA
"I think the weirdest difference I noticed was that when I was practicing the exercises in Week 1... I began to feel my feet again. I realized I had dissociated from my feet for so long."
Jason R, Los Angeles
"I've been trying to heal my PTSD for years. It always felt like I took 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I just purchased this course and it's already paid for itself. The information in week 1 alone was more helpful than anything else I've done."
Marie G, Quebec
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“This course has been so helpful for my patients, especially those who’ve been through trauma.”
Cecilia, Clinical Psychologist, Guatemala

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Find your inner strength and wisdom using cutting-edge hypnotherapy techniques.

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Meet The Experts

Tanya Zajdel

Tanya’s work with trauma healing and survivorship has been featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, CBC News, Vox Tablet and Iheart Radio.


Tanya is a mental health worker, a women’s health nurse, and a published feminist author. Tanya focuses primarily on creating programs that facilitate trauma healing through creating new neural connections in the brain called 'neuroplasticity exercises'.


Her techniques combine various proven therapies to repair and reset the nervous system after trauma including somatic therapy, yoga, drama therapy, dance therapy, CBT, qigong, EMDR, vagal toning, authentic movement, and a combination of expressive, creative art therapies.

Lai Tattis

Lai Tattis is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, and Life Coach who helps people reprogram their minds to create positive changes and transform their lives. Using Psychotherapy, Hypnosis and NLP Lai provides her clients with tools and techniques that use the power of the unconscious mind to break habits, addictions, clear negative influences, negative emotions, and beliefs to heal from trauma and early adopted programming - to find peace, clarity, and happiness and live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Register Here for $240

Find your inner strength and wisdom using cutting-edge hypnotherapy techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Register Here for $240

Find your inner strength and wisdom using cutting-edge hypnotherapy techniques.

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